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Good morning Lovelies!
Today we experience Enlightenment, Vitality, and Joy
Tarot of the Day: The Sun

The Sun heralds vitality
and being filled with radiant joy, energy, invigoration, and good health. 
You are entering a time of enlightenment, confidence, and self-expression.
Truth is key to this time so be sure all your interactions are as truthful and
authentic as possible. 
It will be easy for you to see the beauty, joy, and happiness that can be found
in life so share those observations today – particularly with those who are
struggling to find them.

The Sun manifests
enlightened change and opportunities. It illuminates the details of your life,
showing you the truth, and bringing energy, solutions, and renewal to pending
issues. This is likely to give you a feeling of immense freedom and hope. If
you have been waiting for someone else’s decision before moving forward with
something, the Sun is a good sign that you will now be free to move ahead.

At work, this can mean you
will have an opportunity to shine. Remember to include in any credit or reward,
those who helped you succeed – even if you feel it was small
If you are looking for work, the Sun indicates a new job is right around the

If love is your focus
today, don’t be surprised if you are feeling particularly happy with and
attracted to your partner. Beam all that joy and warmth in their direction and
let them catch your fab mood! It’ll likely result in a sexy, celebratory
feeling between you…

The Sun brings its warm,
positive, energy to all aspects of your day and highlights all possibilities
for you. Embrace those possibilities today without hesitation – say yes to
Peace out…

Good Morning!
Today is about Partnership, Joy, and Sharing
Tarot of the Day: Two of Cups

This card
represents a meaningful and symbiotic relationship. One of balance, joy,
sharing, and friendship. It often speaks to a romantic relationship but is just
as likely to represent any partnership/friendship founded on equal respect,
trust, and affection.

Two of Cups
shouts of love, respect, and positive relationships; a connection that brings
you great rewards and happiness for years to come. This is a time of feeling at
one with Universal energies and with yourself. Balance your energies, open your
heart chakra, and share your loving vibes with the world.

At work, the
Two speaks to balance and fairness. You are likely very comfortable in your
workplace, even if you are not in love with your job. Ensure you are giving all
your company deserves. If you are looking for employment, this is likely to
happen very soon; stay open to surprising options.

If love is
your focus today, Two of Cups speaks of ‘true love’, equality, respect,
commitment, and all things most people hope for in a healthy love relationship.
If you have not already found this person, they will likely soon arrive in your

aspect of your life the Two speaks to today, it heralds a day full of warmth,
joy, and loving energy. Share those feelings with others and spread the
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good Morning, Lovelies! Today is about Success, Abundance, and
the Male Archetype
Tarot of the Day: King of Pentacles

This King embodies confidence, success,
and authority. He is accomplished, wise, and respected for his worldly
experience. His lust for life reminds us that we are more than spirit. Like all
of his suit, he concerns himself with measures of abundance in life, and is
replete with worldly pleasures of food, sex, and coin. He is the soul of
virility, the father of nature, the seat of earthly
desires, and a source of the will to live life to the fullest.

He brings with him a reminder that to achieve your goals you
must be unafraid of your nature and base instincts. Embrace them so you know
what and when to indulge or to restrain. If you have a mature, money – wise,
earth-father type in your life, seek and accept his advice in these matters. 
If not, seek your inner King of Pentacles and let him guide you.

At work, there may be an older,
established man who will play a pivotal role in your success. He responds well
to others who have his lust for life but don’t overdo it and let it become a
vice. Find the balance and do your best today- it’ll be well worth the effort.
You may also receive a financial windfall, promotion, or income increase.

If you are in a relationship, today is
a good day to make time to enjoy each other in genuine, natural ways; eat some
rich food, drink a little wine, and revel in each other’s bodies. You can leave
most other things to be dealt with tomorrow. Today, prioritize each other.

The call of earthly pleasures will
likely be distracting to you today. By all means, ‘adult’ and focus on things
that need to get done but there is nothing wrong with listening to the call
when you can. 
Live, Love, Laugh. You can’t fight Father Nature…
Peace out…

Good morning! Today is
about Optimism, Change, and Beginnings
Tarot of the Day: The Fool

The Fool is a card chiefly
about living in the moment in its purest sense. Only when you are present
without looking to the past or worrying about the future, can you be completely
open to whatever may occur in that moment. Because of The Fool’s willingness to
be the first to try something, to take a leap of faith, or to look foolish, he
has nearly endless opportunities for growth and transformation.

Today, he reminds you to
take a chance that may change your life. Open your heart, allow your intuition
to assist you, and accept that it’s OK to make a mistake – especially when you
make it whilst trying to fully live your life. Every wonderful thing that life
can bring us came with change.

At work, The Fool may
indicate that coworkers don’t understand your approach. Stir their support and
optimism by explaining in a different way. Trust them with details of how you
came to it; let them see your process so they can identify on a personal
If you have been considering working for yourself, this card may indicate that
the research and planning stages are complete and the time has come to take the

If you have been
considering a deeper commitment in your relationship or been feeling pressure
to make one, this is a good time to consider why. Consider what is stopping you
and whether it should; are you taking issues too seriously or too lightly? If
there are real issues, this may be the time to resist taking such a leap
unless/until the issues can be resolved.

Whether he comes to you
because you are at the end of something or because you are wondering how to
begin a new path, hear his message of openness. Choose the change, trust the
Universe, Choose YOU.
Peace out, Lovelies…

Don’t let fear convince you it’s the voice of practicality. Leap…

Good Morning! Today is a
day of Stability, Benevolence, Maturity
Tarot of the Day: The Emperor

This card indicates
a need for a logical and organized approach to your day. There are times when
we all wish we could let our hearts rule but, today, you must practice
self-discipline and listen to your head. In short, today is, unfortunately, a
day for ‘adulting’ to come first.

The Emperor represents
powerful male energy that exudes calm, logic, and self -discipline. He is the embodiment of benevolent
leadership, loving kindness, and fatherly guidance.
Whether he refers to an older man; a father figure, a mentor, or a lover with
these qualities or to a need to focus on these qualities in yourself, you may
find that assertiveness and rationality are required for you to handle a

At work, things should be
going as well as you think. Pay close attention to guidelines and details, and
follow through with each project.

You may find yourself
falling for someone more mature and settled than you are; they may also be
older. If it feels like you aren’t connecting or that they don’t take you
seriously, be patient and let them see your genuine inner Emperor.

Authority (or lack
of) has played a large role in the shaping of your life. Don’t be surprised if
you find yourself, looking to that figure, accessing your own inner authority
figure, or facing the issues you have with authority.

revel not just in the sense of accomplishment you will get from completing a
task but also in the self-control that you exercised to achieved it. If you can
master yourself then you should have little problem mastering the world and all
the things in it. 
Look at you doing all the things! Awesome adulting!

Peace out, Lovelies…