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Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Wisdom, Intuition, and Creativity
Tarot of the Day: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a spiritually intuitive woman, full of wisdom and mystery. She represents magical, mystical, and desirable womanhood. She birthed the moon, spirituality, and intuition, and is a symbol of the things yet discovered in our lives; a new path that will take us outside our comfort zone.
She appears when reliance on your intuition or on that of someone you know with developed intuitive skills, is needed.

Allow your creativity to flow and to rely more on your intuition. Ignore gossip or intrigue and focus on the creative and the spiritual. This is a day of messages and serendipity; talk to others who have different beliefs and experiences than yours – you’ll find it inspiring.

💚 Work may hold a pleasant surprise for you, today. This could be a new job opportunity, a project that is just right for you, or even a promotion. Your knowledge and instincts have gotten you noticed.

💙 This card heralds a magical, sensual, day for love. If you’re in a relationship, this is a great day to ignite some romance and show your partner your desire for them.
💙If you’re single, don’t be surprised to find people throwing themselves at you; you have sensual superpowers today enjoy them but use them wisely and ethically.

🧡 She says a new adventure may be here for you; be creative, open to knowledge, and let intuition guide you down a mysterious path to new joys.
Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is a
day for shaking off Boredom or Apathy, and Focussing on Potential

Tarot of the Day: Four of Cups

This is a card about ruts,
detachment, and re-evaluation. It points to a need to remove the blinders of
apathy, boredom, or dissatisfaction in order to see the possibilities before

Life is like a conversation. When
it’s your turn to contribute, it’s easy to be involved and present but when you
have nothing to add yet, it’s natural to gradually disengage. Sometimes, you
just step back because you’re too tired, or it’s not your topic. Either way, this
card speaks to a need find a topic and return to the conversation; your voice
has been missed.

💚 In
work, focus on the positive aspects of your situation and the gratitude for
what you have. Few people are happy with every aspect of their job – you’ll
feel less apathetic if you remind yourself of the aspects you truly appreciate.

If you want to change your job, be
sure your desire comes from it being the right time to do so.

💙 In
love, be honest with yourself about what you truly want. Are you filling a void
by being with someone who is not ‘the one’? Are you staying in a relationship
because of a rut? Is what you are expecting or seeking, realistic? Re-evaluate
to ensure you aren’t making decisions or concessions that are not for your
highest good.

 🧡 Whether
you made a conscious decision to withdraw or it “just happened”, today is a
good day to return; to take a new approach in order to transform your
circumstances. Celebrate your return; buy yourself a bunch of flowers, listen
to your favourite song and SING ALONG…be present in the moment and enjoy.  

Peace out…

Good Morning! Today is
about Energy, Determination, Unpredictability
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Wands

Knights often herald a
change of direction or an infusion of transformative energy; for this Knight
that means your confidence, a need to conquer or achieve, and a desire for
change. He is a maverick. Audacious, energetic, and a determined leader, he is
an individual of spontaneity, daring, and passion. He often appears when you
have been asking the Universe for change. You wished to be out of your ‘rut’
and now your desire will be achieved in an unexpected way.

An opportunity for a
spontaneous decision may lead you to make a long journey or a permanent
relocation. They will both have their challenges but so does staying put. The
Knight tells you it’s a good time to go with your intuition so make the
decision your instincts tell you is right.

This is a good time for
work issues. You may even get unexpected positive feedback from management
today – you are right to feel proud of your accomplishments. 
If you are waiting for results from an interview or job prospect you are likely
to find the position is better than you hoped and is yours.

If you are in a
relationship, today is a good day for listening to your partner. Be spontaneous
with your time and passionate in your expression; make time to just ‘Be’
If you are looking for love, a possible connection through work may be the key;
likely someone with light hair.

Whether your change today
is travel, moving, changing your outlook, or simply relocating your desk,
remember that today the Universe has chosen to throw you a little surprise
party and is giving you what you asked for. “Hang onto your hat”, be brave, and
embrace it; you can do it.
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good Morning! Today is
about Concentration, Dreams, Inner Voice
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Cups

Today, you may find
yourself tempted to listen to your ‘troublemaker angels’ instead of your
‘better angels’ or simply finding your head keeps returning to the clouds. This
card is about choices; not just making them but having many on hand. Who hasn’t
played the “If I won the lottery…” game, or “If only…” when they
were overwhelmed with options?

This Seven speaks to your
innermost self, your unconscious, and the realms of your imagination. It’s
asking you to reassess your motivations; are you being creative and adventurous
where it may be harmful to you and linear and logical where you need
imagination? Are you making or avoiding choices based on fears?

In work and finances, watch
that your decisions are not based on wish fulfillment. If a deal feels ‘too
good to be true’ then it likely is. 
If your job has a creative aspect, today holds the ideal energy for it but if
it’s a linear or precise job, today is a better day to re-examine and follow-up
than decide a new path, project, or investment.

If you are in a
relationship you may find yourself overthinking small issues and finding
problems where there aren’t any. All relationships reach a comfortable pace
where love is felt deeply and serenely instead of the heady rush of a new
relationship. Don’t mistake this for a rut. If your relationship isn’t truly
troubled, leave decisions about it for another day.

For today, where possible,
leave decisions for another day. Where that’s not possible, Seven reminds you
to focus on your ‘better angels’; your clearest intuition, to make the right
choice for your highest good. Focus on what you want not what you fear…
Peace out, Lovelies.