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Good morning, Lovelies! Aren’t those blues and golds, sumptuous? Hope your day is bright and beautiful.⁠

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, here… Thanksgiving weekend is upon us (here in Canada). Happy weekend, Lovelies!

The Autumn vibe is getting stronger 😀 Anyone else counting down to Samhain (Hallowe’en)?

It’s hard to be stressed or trapped in your “grown-up” persona whilst blowing bubbles… Happy Weekend, Lovelies

Luck was with me today… I was sure I missed him taking off… Rain is on its way so the heat is breaking a little and the wind is picking up so they came back for a nibble.Hope you’re all cool and comfortable this weekend!

Happy Solstice. Blessed Litha. Enjoy the longest sun-filled day of the year!

The sky last night was amazing! Thank you bat friend for dropping into the shot 🙂 


Both Elly AND the squirrel (whom we’ve named, Fred) are so desperate to get to the feeder… for such very different reasons…

Elly, Shady, and Ivan

all thought it was a fine morning for Woodpecker watching.