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Pack your baggage, Lovelies, it’s take out the past day. All that ‘stuff’ you’ve been dragging around that’s been making its weight known the last week, is ready to go if you let it. What will you make space for?

Fullest at 12:12 am ET tomorrow so there’s still a good 11 hours to give those rock babies their last moon bath of 2019!

Last opportunity to release that 2019 energy and start 2020 freshly charged, Lovelies. (Also, check the 12, 12, 12, 12, vibe…)

Full moon Sunday at 5:10 pm ET, Lovelies… tonight is a good time to give your rock babies a lunar light bath

Full Moon on Sunday, Lovelies. If you want to cleanse and charge your rock babies, now until Sunday at 5 pm ET is perfect!

Aurora Borealis

Full moon on it’s way. Are you ready?

Great time to cleanse and charge crystals, too (even if you can’t see the moonlight).

Ilustración para el nuevo EP de Antes de Nacer

Best seen and worked under, tomorrow evening, Lovelies!