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Breaking the old, harmful, patterns

Breaking the old, harmful, patterns




Hello Monday morning. An elemental spread for myself to start the week… EARTH: 2 of Swords reversed. Failing to compromise, clashing. Finances are unbalanced, work is dysfunctional.

AIR: Strength reversed. Conceit, overly self indulgent. My words/mental state may be too egotistical, too self serving.

FIRE: 10 of Cups. Satiety, fulfillment. My ambition is full, and my energy electric.

WATER: The Sun reversed. Lack-luster, dying. Relationships and emotionally are on a downward spin.

Advice to each aspect: 6 of Wands reversed. Get off your high horse. Be humble. Don’t show off wealth, say nice things to people, don’t overwhelm others with your own energy, and don’t rely on ego as a means of sustaining relationship.

The Rider-Waite Tarot (1910, A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith)

The Emperor reversed. Normally a leader, visio…

The Emperor reversed. Normally a leader, visionary, and passionate strategist.

Reversed, The Emperor becomes a dictator. A colonizer of opportunity, insatiable hunger. Shameless abuser of minorities and the marginalized. His wealth and status are immense. His family, friends, and subordinates become expendable.

Leaders appear in the family, at your job, at your church, or in the community. We need strong leaders, but it’s too common for that power to be abused. How do you think we can help those in power stay humble?

The Hermetic Tarot (1980, Godfrey Dowson)

Recently got back from a trip with family in t…

Recently got back from a trip with family in the Salt Lake City area. It’s always so taxing and difficult. I find myself slipping into old habits I thought I grew out of.

2 of Swords reversed tells me the situation is on the brink of war, and that a compromise between myself and the rest of my family can no longer be supported in the way it has before.

FORTUNE indicates the difficulty lies in changing the tide and getting the upper hand in the way family law is ratified. Changing the judges and juries within the family is a momentous challenge.

Knight of Swords reversed advises dumping all thoughts onto the family and exacerbating the discourse of family functions. This one is a bit difficult for me as I play a passive role usually; But, my family consists of “intellectuals” so that may be the best channel I can get through to them. Dish out some deception? Destruction? Possibly.

Maybe there has to be war, before you can claim what you previously thought was peace.

The Aquarian Tarot (1970, David Palladini)

Changing things up with a I-Ching reading! #2…

Changing things up with a I-Ching reading!

#24 changing to #51.

I’ve reached a point of return in life, which could be equated to “The World” arcana. I’m excited to jump into the new chapters in life, but need to do so at a humanly reasonable pace.

In time this energy will transform into a sudden cataclysmic release, kind of like “The Tower” arcana. It will be terrifying, but in some ways electrifying. After the clash of natural forces, to re-enter with poise and to respond with strength means great success.

I’m feelin’ it. Also a couple nods to my lack of social life which I’m not denying. Thankfully there’s implication that is on the mend.

Any I-Ching readers out there?

I took my own advice today; BUBBLES!! Happy …

I took my own advice today; BUBBLES!! Happy Friday, Lovelies

Today’s card of meditation: the Ten of P…

Today’s card of meditation: the Ten of Pentacles.

Wealth. Status. Family. Community. Royalty. A mastery of skills, and total control over resources. All may strive a majority of their lives to reach this condition, but what happens once you’re there? Is it nirvana to have no earthly worries? Is it soul crushing to have the responsibility of a kingdom under your wing?

If you’re reading this, what do you think?

The Aquarian Tarot (1970, David Palladini)

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Rose Gwain’s Function Block Spread. It’s a ser…

Rose Gwain’s Function Block Spread. It’s a series of tallies per Jungian personality function.


  • Earth/Sensing: 5 (most)
  • Water/Inuiting: 2 
  • Fire/Feeling: 1 (least)
  • Air/Thinking: 3
  • Spirit/All: 4

40% reversed, 60% upright

Significant majors:



Gather and express feelings. Stir up emotions by tapping into creative outlets or soaking up other’s creative works.

The Golden Thread Tarot (2015, Tina Gong)

A personal reading, regarding a client at my d…

A personal reading, regarding a client at my day job.

“What will it take to make this guy happy?” 9 of Cups reversed.

He won’t be happy with surface level performance. This guy needs deep, analytical, and effective answers in order to feel satisfied with the work. No bullshit.

“Why am I so sensitive to this, why does it get under my skin?” Ace of Swords.

It’s critcism, and it hurts because it’s true.

“How do I make sure I’m happy while putting up with this?” 2 of Pentacles reversed.

Fake it till you make it? (I hate pretending everything’s fine when I think otherwise). Soften the mistakes by pulling everyone’s attention to other priorities, and thus to offset the shame feelings.

Okay Tarot, thanks!

Tarot de Marseilles (1601)