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This card again… okay… 3 of Disks.. You know last time I pulled this I was having trouble working then suddenly I spent the whole weekend working on things that needed to be done. I guess it’s not over.

Passion of Mars in the Diligence of Capricorn. An explosion of effort in creative and laborious activities. Expect to be busy and engaged with others as things develop.

How badly do you want it? Do your actions equate it?

🃏 Thoth Tarot (Aleister Crowley + Lady Freida Harris) 🃏

This seems to be the right energetic approach …

This seems to be the right energetic approach today… Go for it


3 of Pentacles… work. AKA what I’ve been struggling with a whole lot lately.

Just the act of staying diligent throughout the day is difficult. So much of my attention is diverted. I feel I could really benefit from mentorship, as the card suggests, but that’s not really available to me right now.

Little victories I guess, slow and steady.

🃏 Tarot de Marseilles 🃏


Trying to navigate opportunities… what to do and what to not: Ace of Wands reversed, and 10 of Cups reversed.

It’s advised I avoid investing my whole heart in one thing, as I’ve been doing… I should instead spend that energy on every pass that comes my way because it’s more likely something will match and grow out of it.

To curb myself I’ll need to stop romanticing the most glorious life possible and bring it to a level of reality. Don’t make assumptions about what hasn’t happened, and don’t believe a dream has come to pass when it is indeed not (yet) reality.

Move on to other things. Stay open to possibilities, stay factual, stay realistic.

The Rider-Waite Tarot (Pamela Colman Smith and A.E. Waite)

“October is the fallen leaf, but it is…

“October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again.” ~Hal Borland~

Illustration by Michael Dziekan


Advice to stay grounded and centered this week: Knight of Wands.

Loyalty to friends and passion in works. Always on the go and ready for exploration. Take on challenges with a strong will and sense of humor. Display feelings on the sleeve so everyone knows you’re for real.

Sometimes to stay balanced doesn’t mean keeping your head down. Especially if one’s nature is already as such, you need a little oomph to counter-balance it.

The Golden Thread Tarot (Tina Gong)

New Moon blessings, Lovelies… make a wi…

New Moon blessings, Lovelies… make a wish you are ready to work for and it’s yours


The Eight of Swords is about believing lies and being conditioned to a modified, fictitious version of reality.

When reversed, we are breaking free of those chains and removing the intellectual and emotional veil that has been concealing reality.

Ground and center today. Don’t trust any one person’s persepective. This is about waking up to reality. Sobriety and a thirst for truth is necessary right now.

🃏 The Aquarian Tarot (David Palladini) 🃏

Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful long we…

Wishing everyone a safe and peaceful long weekend filled with love, sharing, and community  

I strive to have this little person’s attitude…

I strive to have this little person’s attitude…