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Good Morning!
Today is about Completion, Insight, and Growth
Tarot of the Day: The World

The World is
an indicator of change that is long worked for, and awaited. It is a good end
to the old and a desirable beginning to the new. When referring to a literal or
material path, it appears when you have achieved the ultimate status of your
focus. You graduated, got promoted, or somehow completed a required level of
development that will now be celebrated.

Regarding a
spiritual or metaphorical journey, it speaks of growing maturity, inner
balance, and a deeper understanding of who you are at your core. It shows that
you are well prepared to move forward.

💚 At work, you may be working too hard for too little
return. Blow your own horn a little so the powers that be can see your
contributions. If you are feeling constricted by a lack of balance between pay
and responsibilities, do some research on similar positions elsewhere and
present it to your boss or, consider changing companies.

💙 In love, this card speaks to hurdles successfully
overcome. Have you and your partner solved a large problem or passed a
relationship milestone? Acknowledge it for what you learned and move forward.
Share your newfound wisdom where you can.

🧡 Whether a literal or metaphoric journey, today’s
path was carved by hard work and it’ll be a game changer. Know that the
Universe is giving you what you asked and worked for so, celebrate you and your

Peace out,

Sometimes, this is the best of all possible responses. We got this. Happy Friday, Lovelies.

Morning. Today we deal with Emotional Loss, Separation, and the New Beginnings
they bring
Tarot of the Day: Three of Swords

card represents the presence of old emotional pain and the mental anguish it
causes. This pain is likely due to conflict or loss in a relationship,
friendship, or family bond. 
It may be that you are caught in a loop of re-feeling pain from an old
situation, or that you are stuck in a present one and afraid of the pain you
may feel getting out of it.

This three
reminds you that you must deal with the pain honestly in order to move on. Find
a way to address the issues at the core of the situation and deal with them one
at a time. This will help you to feel the pain and deal with it without getting
stuck in it. 
Ignoring a broken bone won’t heal it and not addressing it causes other
problems; the same is true of emotional pain.

💚 In work or finances today, the presence of this card
speaks to disappointment. You may need to seek some guidance regarding your
approach. This is not permanent but it is time to take an unflinching look at
the situation and make some decisions about how to move forward.

💙 If love or a relationship is your focus today, know
that you are being guided to the relationship that is right for you – whether
that means connecting openly and honestly with your partner to improve or  repair the one you are in or, deciding to end
💙 If you are looking for a relationship, it is time to address
old wounds so they will stop impairing new relationships. Free yourself from
your past so you can move forward in a healthy way.

🧡 Wherever the Three speaks to your life today,
remember to release the fear so that “this, too, shall pass”. Reach out to friends, mentors, and the
Universe for support and guidance to heal and you will open a new path; the one
of truth and beauty that the Universe truly means for you. Embrace the future.

out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today’s card is
about Energy, Courage, and Conviction
Tarot of the Day: Strength

This card is about an inner
balance of strength. It suggests not just power but the capacity to exercise
great self-control in all matters. It speaks to an ability to manage your
impulses instead of be controlled by them, and an unshakeable resolve to see
things through to the desired end. Direct the energy to the greatest good of

Strength appears when you
need to be reminded that you are mind, body, and spirit and you may have been
so busy being strong on one or two of these aspects that you have forgotten the
other(s). With focus and willpower, you will balance all aspects for your
highest good.

Whether you are looking for a job or hoping for a promotion,
things are aligned for your success right now. Be strong and genuine in your
presentation. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. If your workplace
doesn’t/can’t offer growth, now is the time to seize your confidence and start
looking elsewhere for what you deserve.

If you are in a relationship, Strength indicates a deep bond and
strong foundation. 
If you are looking for a relationship, this is a good time to get out and meet
people. Let your self-confidence show.

Strength is a card that indicates an opportunity to change your
life. Today is a day to grab a hold of your convictions, quiet your inner
fearful voice, and forge ahead.  Whether
that means tell truth to power, face down your inner demons, or just speak up
about something  You have what you need
to succeed so, go you!
Peace out, Lovelies…

Sometimes, the line between danger and worry is blurred. Be sure to fight for yourself when its needed. Be brave for yourself, your plans, your future.

Good morning! Feeling Divinely Inspired to Create? Seeking Truth
and Justice? Sensing a need for Change?

of the Day: Ace of Swords

The Aces represent their
suit’s elements in their highest and purest form. For the Ace of Swords, some
of these are objectivity, achievement, reasoning, and creative thinking. It
represents a change or turning point that will reveal many truths. It cuts away
the artifice and the confusion to show you the ‘bottom line’ so you can take
the next steps.

With this type of clarity,
comes a need to apply the ‘blade’ responsibly. Don’t cut too deep or too
quickly, as that could damage aspects you wish to maintain – people’s feelings,
beneficial processes, etc. This Ace may show itself as a brilliant idea or, perhaps
some sort of divine inspiration toward creativity. Regardless of how/where it
appears for you today, bravery is what’s called for because, you already have a
sense of what you need to do next- trust yourself and take the next step.

At work, the Ace indicates the need to take a different tactic
or even, possibly, consider a different job. Be generous with your creativity
and ideas today; you may not appear to be getting the credit for the new
outlook but you will in the end – and to your benefit.

If love is on your mind, truth is key. If you are in a committed
relationship, the Ace speaks to ending a pattern that is not positive for you.
It’s time to speak up and speak truth to your partner. You are being guided to
the relationship that is better for you.

🧡 The
Universe rewards us for the risks we take on its behalf. Know that there is
good, beneficial energy that is getting you where you want to go. Take the leap
– the Universe will catch you.

Peace out, Lovelies…

morning, Lovelies! Today is about Personal Power, Managed Anxiety, and
Tarot of the Day: Two of Wands

Twos of any
suit indicate an element of balance and choice. Today, that balance will be
required in all aspects – even to things as mundane as rest and eating right.
The time is approaching for you to release a project or partnership in which
you had great control, and this balance will be beneficial to you in knowing
how and when to successfully let go.

This two
can also indicate a partnership which is business, personal, or both. Remain
mindful, today of the balance required in all relationships. Trust your
instincts but be open to suggestions that give you pause to reflect and inspire
your creativity. Be aware that a generous offer of help that will further your
success may be coming.

Your inventiveness will get you
far at work, today. Put things together in new or unusual ways. You are more
together than you might realize so be inventive – you can pull it off.

If you are in a relationship,
today is a good day to be open with your partner about your views of equality
and balance. You may be surprised by the response. 
If you are looking for a relationship, consider the person you wouldn’t
normally. Seek a person who balances you.

🧡 Today, your success relies upon your
inventiveness and balancing what you would normally do with your new and
creative vision. Don’t second guess yourself, your ability, or the choices you
make when you “think outside the box”; create, commit, and release
them for your highest good.

Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Perseverance , Confidence,
Long-term Successes

Tarot of the Day:
Seven of Wands

you may find yourself feeling a need to restate or defend your position or to
compete. Fear not; you earned the right to be where you are and a challenge
doesn’t mean otherwise so, be confident in your stance.

this competition, conflict, or discussion, will be related to your stated views
or a plan. Don’t hesitate to be clear with people about where you stand. See
the challenge to your views as an opportunity to make your plan clear to
others. You will likely help someone by spelling it out for them. Your thinking
is clear and will bring about positive change so if you have moments of
self-doubt, now is the time for true courage – feel the fear but do it anyway.

💚 This Seven points to
successes from being independent and thinking for yourself so, if you have been
considering becoming self-employed this is an excellent time to take the next
step in the process.

💙 If love is your focus, this
card reminds you to continue to speak your mind and be yourself in your
relationship. Be sure you aren’t simply going with the flow; that is an
excellent way to lose yourself.

💙 If you are looking for love,
be your authentic self but be it in different places than usual. Change is

Sometimes, being yourself and stating your mind can cause bumps in the road,
but you have the skills and reserves required to get past anything; big or
small. Present your case in a genuine, and respectful way, be yourself, and
then embrace any change it may bring.

Peace out… 

*Incense by Incense Republic (IG: @incense_republic)

I love re-purposing things. I needed a stand for a crystal sphere and this wrought iron rod end needed new life so, a little paint, a little felt, some velvet, a small tweak or two and here it is. Now I just need two more in a smaller size… any ideas?

Morning! Today is a day of Stability, Benevolence, Maturity
Tarot of the Day: The Emperor

The Emperor
represents powerful, stable, energy that exudes calm, logic, and self
-discipline. He is the embodiment of
benevolent leadership, loving kindness, and fatherly guidance.
Whether he refers to an older man (a father figure, a mentor, or a lover with
these qualities) or, to a need to focus on these qualities in yourself, you may
find that assertiveness, rationality, and flexibility, are required for you to
handle a situation, today.

card indicates a need for a logical and organized approach to your day;
especially if your heart, or imagination are distracting. Today is,
unfortunately, a day for ‘adulting’ to come first.

💚  At work, things should be going as well as
you think. Pay close attention to guidelines and details, and follow through
with each project; management has noticed you.

If you’re
looking for work, focus on the logical and practical points of your work self
and the job opportunity in order to ensure a good match.

💙  You may find
yourself falling for someone more mature and settled than you are; they may
also be older. If it feels like you aren’t connecting or that they don’t take
you seriously, be patient and let them see your genuine inner Emperor.

🧡 Today, revel
not just in the sense of accomplishment you will get from completing a task but
also in the self-control that you exercised to achieved it. If you can master
yourself then you should have little problem mastering the world and all the
things in it. 
Look at you doing all the things! Awesome adulting!

Peace out,