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Communing with “The Fam” today, corporeal and otherwise

Blessed Samhain, Lovelies

Carved a pumpkin, roasting pumpkin seeds, made pumpkin pie… I’m ready to start having time for these things. I’d like to recognize and practice the wheel of the year as part of my growing practice.

Embrace All Hallows’ Eve, and I hope you all have a fantastic Samhain tomorrow.

Take moments throughout the night and day to feel the named and nameless who ride the winds upon your mortal flesh. Remember those dead, gone, lost, stolen, and forgotten for who they were and what they’ve done. Honor life by embracing death.



Photo of myself just before our Samhain group ritual on the beach. It was a surreal setting immersed in darkness, the sound of waves crashing, and the sweet smell of everyone’s incense mixed with smoke. It was a fantastic group and beautiful ritual.


A thought that never ceases to catch my breath…Happy Friday, Star Children