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Advice to stay grounded and centered this week: Knight of Wands.

Loyalty to friends and passion in works. Always on the go and ready for exploration. Take on challenges with a strong will and sense of humor. Display feelings on the sleeve so everyone knows you’re for real.

Sometimes to stay balanced doesn’t mean keeping your head down. Especially if one’s nature is already as such, you need a little oomph to counter-balance it.

The Golden Thread Tarot (Tina Gong)

Card of meditation is (again) The Magician. Never cock block creativity! When inspiration strikes be the lightning rod it grounds through you. Otherwise the power is internalized and can become corrosive.

This may feel like an impulse to think about, act on, write about, dance to, draw, paint, or speak. Let it out and let it flow. You are the conduit through which the Universe is attempting to make things manifest. It can be the urge to resolve issues and problem solve through conversation or action. You don’t want the Cosmos to be bitter, do you?

Do it! Do it now!

A super busy day so I’m only posting my reading from this morning now!

Looking back at the previous days and reflecting: The Sun reversed.

I thought maybe it’s a soured joy or love. Embodiment of success with an air of doom. But I’m considering that it means finding light in the dark. Yesterday I was surrounded by friends and laughter almost out of nowhere. It may not last, but it felt so so nice and needed in that moment.

The next few days coming up: The Magician.

I was thinking a lot about hosting a group ritual and got very excited so maybe I should go through with it! But really this card tells me to have no doubt, no hesitation with making dreams reality and to just follow through with that deep inner divine inspiration to act on dreams.

I’ve been in such a slump, I hope the cycles will change in my favor soon enough.

The Rider-Waite Tarot (1910, A.E Waite and Pamela Colman Smith)

Hello, I have been dormant with my updates for sometime now. My relationship with Tarot has been very distant as well. I consider it a natural and necessary break that will happen every so often.

Card of Meditation: The Fool
An irresponsible handling of power. One who looks in the wrong directions before taking a leap of faith. Listen to the warning signs around you as they are trying to help your cause. No matter how you try to prepare, you may fall to opposing forces regardless. What could save you is your own passionate spirit swept up in these moments of ignorance… or bliss.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (1910, A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith)

#TarotAdLib Day Seven: Daily Focus 

My focus for today will consist of _energetic pressure for change that’s not quite ready_ and _energetic pressure for change that is very ready_. If I become overwhelmed, I can always rely on _my drive to accomplish_ to help me get through it. If today doesn’t go as planned, I can always try again. My best is still good enough.

#TarotAdLib – February

I welcome a month full of …balanced and energised focus

I need to let go of ..doubt and trust my instincts to make room for something better.

Card of Meditation: 6 of Pentacles.

Typically on the “giving” side of this card, it’s about a mutual agreement or exchange. Your wealth of information and skills are needed by others. You can take a direct advisory role, or simply be a role model. Either way this is a card of action, and actions work more powerfully than words.

Be charitable and engaged in the needs of others. Yes, there is something to gain from this yourself, and it can appear in a variety of ways.

Tarot de Marseilles (1601)

(Part 2) She said it sounded like I didn't genuinely want to hear the answer, even though I was curious. She then tried to do a spread on the future of my career, but she had the same issues. Beforehand I meditated and tried to send out positive energy that I *wanted* the answer. I was wondering what some other issues can be when reading tarot, and why this might've happened? I don't know much about tarot, and my worry is she can't read me because I'm going to die soon. Any help is appreciated.

Part 1

Hey there! I’ll try and answer this the best I can, but will likely make incorrect assumptions and misconstrue information. If that’s the case please follow up with clarification!

You mention you don’t know much about Tarot, and it sounds like you are anxious around the subject of it. You mention the Tarot reader said you didn’t want to hear the answer and some kind of force was obscuring the readings. You also mentioned you’re nervous the cards would tell you you’ll get what you don’t want. We often let our fear of “what if” make decisions for us. Most often, our anticipation of something terrible is much worse in our heads than in reality. If you don’t want to end up married with kids… then just don’t commit to a life you don’t want to live. Don’t be afraid to say no to something you don’t want!

I really doubt the cards are foretelling death. Sometimes when I do readings the cards are gibberish… and yet, I’m still here 🙂 Often when I’m stuck in a Tarot reading and am having a hard time (especially in determining the future) it’s because there are forces and events beyond my knowledge. I can only understand what I can comprehend and am aware of. Sometimes we don’t realize how good we have it until we experience loss—or conversely—how shitty the situation was until we got out of it and looked back. If the cards are being difficult there could be a lot of reasons why: it could be the experience level your friend has reading them; it could be anxiety, frustration, or lack of awareness to your own life that makes personal application of the reading difficult; it could be you’re in a fluctuating situation that will be changing so dramatically it’s hard to pin-down the connections. There could be many reasons why…

At the basic level, the Tarot is a tool for reflection, insight, brainstorming, analysis, or creative development. Each card reflects archetypes we all experience in our puny human lives. It’s a rather basic means of generating ideas around a subject. Many practitioners will expand the basic function of Tarot into a spiritual practice. What I mean by this is: the Tarot alone cannot afflict you. The cards merely tell things as they are. If they foretell doom and suffering it’s only because life has put you on that path and not because the cards have decided that fate for you. There’s no reason to fear the cards—they give you what you’ve asked for (information, truth, guidance). Your fate is not fixed and unchangeable. In fact, the cards can help highlight areas of opportunity to put your life on the path you desire. You can also ask the cards to put your life on the path that brings out the best in you—this often opens up areas of ourselves we never knew we had.

I hope I was of some help. You’re welcome to follow up regarding my attempt to answer these questions.

Take care,
— Axank

Card of Meditation: 7 of Swords reversed. I’ve pulled this card twice in a row 😐

You might have plans to swiftly take action against obstacles, but they won’t resolve. There is an over-dependence on others for validation and advice.

Acknowledge limitations and isolate yourself in your workings. Making big decisions at this time will turn up empty.