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Card of Meditation: The Moon reversed. The Ru…

Card of Meditation: The Moon reversed.

The Ruler of Flux and Reflux. Pisces–the emotionally elastic sign of fluctuation. Wild wolves howl under Luna’s gaze. Towers of Severity and Mercy lock away arcane knowledge. A turbulent river escorts anything in its path forcibly down the riverbed towards the ocean shore.

In its reversal the ego is disturbed. Our ever present fears are actively trying to fight off Luna’s influence, which only makes her stronger. An unwillingness to submit to lunacy means for erroneous and damaging situations. It’s through the process of darkness and madness that we can find the inner light of The Sun.

The Hermetic Tarot (1980, Godfrey Dowson)

Hello, I have been dormant with my updates for…

Hello, I have been dormant with my updates for sometime now. My relationship with Tarot has been very distant as well. I consider it a natural and necessary break that will happen every so often.

Card of Meditation: The Fool
An irresponsible handling of power. One who looks in the wrong directions before taking a leap of faith. Listen to the warning signs around you as they are trying to help your cause. No matter how you try to prepare, you may fall to opposing forces regardless. What could save you is your own passionate spirit swept up in these moments of ignorance… or bliss.

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot (1910, A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith)

Card of Meditation: 6 of Pentacles. Typically…

Card of Meditation: 6 of Pentacles.

Typically on the “giving” side of this card, it’s about a mutual agreement or exchange. Your wealth of information and skills are needed by others. You can take a direct advisory role, or simply be a role model. Either way this is a card of action, and actions work more powerfully than words.

Be charitable and engaged in the needs of others. Yes, there is something to gain from this yourself, and it can appear in a variety of ways.

Tarot de Marseilles (1601)

Card of Meditation: 7 of Swords reversed. I&rs…

Card of Meditation: 7 of Swords reversed. I’ve pulled this card twice in a row 😐

You might have plans to swiftly take action against obstacles, but they won’t resolve. There is an over-dependence on others for validation and advice.

Acknowledge limitations and isolate yourself in your workings. Making big decisions at this time will turn up empty.



Simple but effective 💯

Simple but effective 💯




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