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Good morning! Feeling Divinely Inspired to Cre…

Good morning! Feeling Divinely Inspired to Create? Seeking Truth
and Justice? Feeling the end of a Cycle?

of the Day: Ace of Swords

The Aces represent their
suit’s elements in their highest and purest form. For the Ace of Swords, some
of these are objectivity, achievement, reasoning, and creative thinking. It
represents a change or turning point that will reveal many truths. It cuts away
the artifice and the confusion to show you the ‘bottom line’ so you can take
the next steps.

With this type of clarity,
comes a need to apply the ‘blade’ responsibly. Don’t cut too deep or too
quickly, as that could damage aspects you wish to maintain – people’s feelings,
beneficial processes, etc. This Ace may show itself as a brilliant idea or, perhaps
some sort of divine inspiration toward creativity. Regardless of how/where it
appears for you today, bravery is what’s called for because you already have a
sense of what you need to do next- trust yourself and take the next step.

At work, the Ace indicates the need to take a different tactic
or even, possibly, consider a different job. Be generous with your creativity
and ideas today; you may not appear to be getting the credit for the new
outlook but you will in the end – and to your benefit.

If love is on your mind, truth is key. If you are in a committed
relationship, the Ace speaks to ending a pattern that is not positive for you.
It’s time to speak up and speak truth to your partner. You are being guided to
the relationship that is better for you.

🧡 The
Universe rewards us for the risks we take on its behalf. Know that there is
good, beneficial energy that is getting you where you want to go. Take the leap
– the Universe will catch you.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies! Feeling Fulfilled, Gen…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Feeling Fulfilled, Generous, and Generally Accepting today?
Tarot of the Day: Nine of Cups

Although it usually refers
specifically to creative or spiritual endeavours that you have been working to
advance, the emotional balance and well-being this Nine heralds encompasses all
areas of your life. See and accept yourself, others, and the situation with
clarity, an open heart, and humour.

Sometimes referred to as
the ‘wish card’, it means that what you are hoping for and dreaming about will
soon come into being. It is a portent of joy, happiness, contentment, and wish
fulfilment, but also an urging to enjoy the pleasures of the senses – a
reminder that although work is needed to fulfil your goal, you should enjoy the
positive energies working in you today…“stop and smell the roses”

At work, you may find unexpected ‘good luck’; perhaps a creative
project that was stalled will begin to move forward, or a decision will be made
that benefits you…for example, your desk may be moved to accommodate business
function but you may like the new area more.

Nine reminds you to have fun and be more willing to open up
about what you wish for the future of your relationships. The kind of energy
you exude today can only deepen bonds and inspire positive experiences.

Wherever the Nine is felt, today, serendipity is at work so,
dream big and stay true to your goal and you will accomplish it; fulfilment
will be yours.

Peace out…

Good Morning! Today is about Concentration, Dr…

Good Morning! Today is
about Concentration, Dreams, your Inner Voice
Tarot of the Day: Seven of Cups

Today, you may find
yourself tempted to listen to your ‘troublemaker angels’ instead of your
‘better angels’ or simply finding your head keeps returning to the clouds. This
card is about choices; not just making them but having many on hand. Who hasn’t
played the “If I won the lottery…” game, or “If only…” when they
were overwhelmed with options?

This Seven speaks to your
innermost self, your unconscious, and the realms of your imagination. It’s
asking you to reassess your motivations; are you being creative and adventurous
where it may be harmful to you and linear and logical where you need
imagination? Are you making or avoiding choices based on fears?

In work and finances, watch that your decisions are not based on
wish fulfillment. If a deal feels ‘too good to be true’ then it likely
If your job has a creative aspect, today holds the ideal energy for it but if
it’s a linear or precise job, today is a better day to re-examine and follow-up
than decide a new path, project, or investment.

If you are in a relationship you may find yourself over thinking
small issues and finding problems where there aren’t any. All relationships
reach a comfortable place where love is felt deeply and serenely instead of the
heady rush of a new relationship. Don’t mistake this for a rut. If your
relationship isn’t truly troubled, leave decisions about it for another day.

For today, where possible, leave decisions for another day.
Where that’s not possible, Seven reminds you to focus on your ‘better angels’;
your clearest intuition, to make the right choice for your highest good. Focus
on what you need, not what you wish, or fear…
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning! Today is about Optimism, Change,…

Good morning! Today is
about Optimism, Change, and Beginnings
Tarot of the Day: The Fool

The Fool is a card chiefly
about living in the moment in its purest sense. Only when you are present
without looking to the past or worrying about the future, can you be completely
open to whatever may occur in that moment. Because of The Fool’s willingness to
be the first to try something, to take a leap of faith, or even, to look
foolish, he has nearly endless opportunities for growth and

Today, he reminds you to
take a chance that may change your life. Embark on your path unencumbered by the
baggage of past issues.Open your heart, allow your intuition to assist you, and
accept that it’s OK to make a mistake – especially when you make it whilst
trying to fully live your life. Every wonderful thing that life can bring us
came with change.

At work, The Fool may indicate that coworkers don’t understand
your approach. Stir their support and optimism by explaining in a different
way. Trust them with details of how you came to it; let them see your process
so they can identify on a personal level. 
If you have been considering working for yourself, this card may indicate that
the research and planning stages are complete and the time has come to take the

If you have been considering a deeper commitment in your
relationship or been feeling pressure to make one, this is a good time to
consider why. Consider what is stopping you and whether it should; are you
taking issues too seriously or too lightly? If there are real issues, this may
be the time to resist taking such a leap unless/until the issues can be

Whether he comes to you because you are at the end of something
or because you are wondering how to begin a new path, hear his message of
openness. Choose the change, trust the Universe, Choose YOU.
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is a day of Stab…

Good morning,
Lovelies! Today is a day of Stability, Happiness, and Financial Gain
Tarot of the Day: Ace of Discs/Pentacles

The Ace of
Pentacles heralds a very positive new beginning that will further your efforts
in many aspects of your life. This will give you a sense of luck and happiness
that will increase your health, finances, and outlook. This will likely be
financial, and sometimes it can even indicate gifts of money from unexpected

Projects or
plans in which you have invested time, energy, and/or money will all benefit
from this serendipity, showing you that you have been on the right path. The
gains you will receive will improve your life on all levels.

💚  At work, this Ace speaks to a new position or a new set of
responsibilities coming to you – whether you were looking for that or not – and
point to you being well and justly compensated. 
If you have been considering seeking a new job, now is a good time to start the

If you do
receive an influx of cash today, spend happily, share generously, and put some
away for a rainy day.

💙  Whether you are looking for love or already have it, expect a new
phase in your relationship status. This is a very positive time to re-connect
with your partner or, to meet new people. Share the positive energy and have

🧡  Today is a result of your energy and effort; a manifestation of your
hard work, hope, and focus. It will be rich with optimism, luck, positive
energy, and hope. Embrace it, and share the wealth.
Peace out…

Good morning! Today’s messages are about Couns…

Good morning! Today’s
messages are about Counsel, Wisdom, Honour
Tarot of the Day: The Hierophant

The Hierophant
represents ancient wisdom and counsel. He speaks to a need to review the core
tenets of your beliefs- whether they be in doctrine or natural law. He can also
herald marriage or some other traditional ceremony/contract.

He appears when you find
yourself in a situation where you may be making decisions that are removed from
your core beliefs. He wants you to return to your nature; review the origins of
your beliefs and ensure you are making the decisions that are right for you and
everyone involved in the long run. Seek counsel from someone who is a spiritual
teacher/mentor for you to ensure you are getting what you need.

At work, The Hierophant indicates group work and getting back to
basics. Likely a project or situation is getting bogged down in ideas and
losing focus. Strip it down to the bare necessities and remember where you want
to take it.

If you are in a relationship, today may be a good time to think
and behave in a traditional way. If you are going on a first date, bring
flowers, if you are going to propose, get down on one knee…consider it a nod to
good old-fashioned romance.

The Hierophant speaks to convention so ensure you are acting
honourably and decently not only by the standards you have set for yourself by
also by the standards others will expect you to have.

He reminds you that
you have a ‘touchstone’ for your beliefs and regardless of how or why you’ve
‘wandered off’, dig deep, seek counsel, and you’ll get back to ‘you’.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Wisdom,…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Today is about Wisdom, Intuition, and Creativity
Tarot of the Day: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a
spiritually intuitive woman, full of wisdom and mystery. She represents
magical, mystical, and desirable womanhood. She birthed the moon, spirituality,
and intuition, and is a symbol of the things yet discovered in our lives; a new
path that will take us outside our comfort zone.

She appears when reliance
on your intuition or on that of someone you know with developed intuitive
skills, is needed. Allow your creativity to flow and to rely more on your
intuition. Ignore gossip or intrigue and focus on the creative and the
spiritual. This is a day of messages and serendipity; talk to others who have
different beliefs and experiences than yours – you’ll find it inspiring.

Work may hold a pleasant surprise for you, today. This could be
a new job opportunity, a project that is just right for you, or even a
promotion. Your knowledge and instincts have gotten you noticed.

This card heralds a magical, sensual, day for love. If you’re in
a relationship, this is a great day to ignite some romance and show your
partner your desire for them. 
If you’re single, don’t be surprised to find people throwing themselves at you;
you have sensual superpowers today enjoy them but use them wisely and

She says a new adventure may be here for you; be creative, open
to knowledge, and let intuition guide you down a mysterious path to new joys.
Peace out…

Good morning! Today’s messages are Steadfastne…

Good morning! Today’s
messages are Steadfastness, Honour, Practicality
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Pentacles

This Knight is
dependable, honourable, and trustworthy. He has undeniable common sense,
incredible determination, and various skills that include exercising patience
and being supportive of others. He tells you either to expect financial good
news from a dependable young man or that a situation requires you to utilise
these qualities in yourself.

Like the rest of the
Pentacles, the Knight often deals with money and finances. If these are your
issues, you can expect to hear good news regarding them. Considering his
practicality, it is unlikely that the news will be a lottery win, but he is
telling you that things will ease up and be OK. 
The security you need to pursue your ambitions will arrive.

💚  At work, tradition is
key. Work inside the accepted guidelines and structure in order to achieve,
today. If you are looking for work, today is the day to highlight your
grounded, dependable side. 

💙  If love is your focus, this
is the time for practicality. Focus on the duty and working together to build a
joint future. It sounds boring but what could be more romantic than creating a
life together? If you’re looking for love, reassess your ‘wishlist’; be sure
you are looking for the qualities that you truly want and that truly matter.

🧡  Overall, this Knight
assures a day of practical success, and positive messages, so stick to
tradition, set realistic goals, and you’ll rule the day.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today we consider the …

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today we consider the messages of Arrival, Creativity, New Opportunities
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Cups

Cards of Cups usually
denote the ‘higher graces’ (philosophy, love, romance…) and this knight’s
graces are creativity, and intuition. He brings you good news regarding your
path, and guidance to the successful completion of your task; likely regarding
a creative project or love.

This Knight reminds us that
victory is not always an exercise in strength but also in creativity and savvy.
Seek novel paths to accomplish your goals. Pay attention to signs from the
Universe and unexpected offers that make you see things differently; these are
serendipitous messages from the Universe. This may also be an ideal time to
explore new realms of spiritual growth.

Work projects are likely to move ahead positively and quickly
today. Be proud of your contributions and accomplishments but gracious when
accepting accolades for them.

Be open to exploring your feelings today for this card indicates
positive messages, being swept off your feet, and for some,

Wherever you feel the Knight’s presence today, remain honest and
faithful to your cause and you will soon achieve your desired and deserved end
Peace out…

Good morning! Today’s message is of  Vigilance…

Good morning!
Today’s message is of  Vigilance,
Anxiety, Inner Strength
Tarot of the Day: Nine of Wands

indicates anxiety and concern over possible conflict. This is likely happening
in the less critical aspects of your personal or professional life; a tense
situation at work, a conflict brewing with a friend or a sibling/parent, or
tension in your relationship.

As the card
suggests, this is the time to rally your reserves. Take a deep breath, release
the anxiety and be calm. Try not to let the anxiety make the situation seem
bigger than it is. Rethink it logically; separate the issues into that which
you can control and that which you cannot – then deal only with the former.
Then, if you do need to speak up, you can be clear, set your boundaries, and
minimise tension/conflict.

💚 If things are tense at work, take
a breath and think before speaking. Be sure you are calm and logical so that
your contribution does not escalate the tension.

💙 The same will work in your
relationship. Consider if you have been feeling the need to request your
partner to make many personal changes lately. If this is the case, today is the
perfect time to rethink whether the changes are theirs to make, yours to make,
or if they are indicators of a greater change being needed.

If you are
looking for love, be patient; this is a good time to heal old wounds and
patterns. When you are emotionally healthy you will attract someone who is also
Know your values and do not sacrifice them for short term gains.

🧡 Take a breath, stay on your toes,
and go about your day knowing that whatever the challenge turns out to be,
you’re more than prepared to handle it. Breathe… you’ve got this.

Peace out,