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Okay, so I have a question about cartomancy (I…

Okay, so I have a question about cartomancy (I hope it makes sense) if you were to give a general description of someone's personality, would it makes sense to remove the face cards and only use them for the reading or should I still use the entire deck?

Hello! You can really do either options.

When you specifically pull cards out of the deck and knowingly place them into positions in Tarot spreads we call these cards ‘significators’. They signify an aspect of something we would like to put into question. In regards to someone’s personality, a court card to represent them could be placed—the cards that fall around them in the spread would be random.

Another option is to section off cards in the deck, such as pulling out only major cards, only numbered pip cards, or only court cards. This is quite useful if you want to narrow the ‘output’ information of your ‘input’ question. Limiting cards to court cards can help you understand nuance to personality when you pull 1-2 cards from the 16. For example, you could do the Sun Moon Star Tarot spread with court cards only to see which personas dominate the known and hidden selves.

If you’re going for something general it may be best to simplify. Just use all the cards, and only pull one. Ask one specific open-ended question (who, what, where, when, why, how).

Have fun, be nice!



Simple but effective 💯

Simple but effective 💯


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* year ahead spread *

* year ahead spread *

The Patreon deck of the month for November is …

The Patreon deck of the month for November is the Wooden Tarot. This deck can be intimidating at first, since no guidebook comes with this deck, but once you start exploring the meanings hidden in these cards, it’s a beautiful and wonderful deck to work with.

Daily group readings on Patreon are a little different than my normal social media readings. I got more into the imagery of the card, as well as my personal thoughts and feelings about the card. It’s more like a diary, and less like a generic read. Recently, I’ve started doing 3 card mind/body/spirit readings every Sunday, to help set the tone for the week. Patrons also gain access to exclusive readings every new moon.

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valkyrietarot: Halloween Sale!All Readings are…


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