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Walls are limitations to freedom; However, our energy, focus, and resources are finite. Boundaries become grounding when we reach degrees of exhaustion. The balance in this is where do walls become obstacles and where do they become self-preservation?

Can we have both? Maybe these things are negotiable?

Four of Pentacles, The Hermetic Tarot (1979, Godfrey Dowson)

#TarotAdLib Day Twelve: Fairy GodmotherYour …

#TarotAdLib Day Twelve: Fairy Godmother

Your Fairy Godmother finally decides to show up. Your eyes light up with wonder but their wand is sort of broken. They can only grant you one wish. 

You close your eyes and wish for _healing in every way for everyone_. And just like that…Poof… it becomes a reality.

#TarotAdLib Day Ten: Signs And Symbols

#TarotAdLib Day Ten: Signs And Symbols

There are some days where I notice the subtle way a bird flies, the smell of cigarettes in the morning or how the clouds move across the sky on my commute to work. Sometimes these things have significance in my day and others do not. Today’s prompt is all about delving deep into some signs throughout your day with the help of your Tarot cards or divination tools.

The sign I must pay attention to today is _opportunties to live in the moment; to be peaceful and connected to my life and my world_

#TarotAdLib Day Five: Chatting With Your Gho…

#TarotAdLib Day Five: Chatting With Your Ghost

The Ghost in my home believes I’m _spiritually connected _.

It thinks my taste in music is _too old school; I guess it wants me to listen to some newer music_

Its favorite thing about my home is _the joy and self-expression shared here_

#TarotAdLib Day Four: Self Forgiveness _____…

#TarotAdLib Day Four: Self Forgiveness
It is time for me to forgive myself for _the energies and opportunities I have taken (to the exclusion of all other things) and especially for those I ignored or failed because of self-doubt_.

By forgiving myself, I empower and take back my present and future.

#TarotAdLib Day 3 – Reading StyleIf my deck …

#TarotAdLib Day 3 – Reading Style

If my deck had to describe my reading style it would be _psychically open and spiritual__ with a little bit of _intuitive wisdom,  and understanding_ mixed in.

The knight kept insisting on being a part of things; he fell out three times while I was shuffling for the second card

#TarotAdLib Day Two: Diviner Development …

#TarotAdLib Day Two: Diviner Development

My skills as a diviner can improve if I incorporate the things I’ve recently invested in.

Happy full moon! If you purchase a reading tod…

Happy full moon! If you purchase a reading today you’ll get it 30% off with the code “Aquarius”. I do readings remotely by email. Your message will be sent privately with a photo and detailed description of each card with an overall summary.