Category: trees

Good morning, Lovelies! Aren’t those blues and golds, sumptuous? Hope your day is bright and beautiful.⁠

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, here… Thanksgiving weekend is upon us (here in Canada). Happy weekend, Lovelies!

It’s hard to be stressed or trapped in your “grown-up” persona whilst blowing bubbles… Happy Weekend, Lovelies

Happy Solstice. Blessed Litha. Enjoy the longest sun-filled day of the year!

The sky last night was amazing! Thank you bat friend for dropping into the shot 🙂 

Summer Solstice 6:07 ET this morning, Lovelies… enjoy!

Digging the definitely Spring weather… even the dead (we thought) cat grass is lush

“….but down deep, at the molecular heart of life, the trees and we are, essentially, identical.” ~Carl Sagan

The 6th of… April?!

Happy Sunday, Star Children…