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Good Morning!
Today is about Completion, Insight, and Growth
Tarot of the Day: The World

The World is
an indicator of change that is long worked for, and awaited. It is a good end
to the old and a desirable beginning to the new. When referring to a literal or
material path, it appears when you have achieved the ultimate status of your
focus. You graduated, got promoted, or somehow completed a required level of
development that will now be celebrated.

Regarding a
spiritual or metaphorical journey, it speaks of growing maturity, inner
balance, and a deeper understanding of who you are at your core. It shows that
you are well prepared to move forward.

💚 At work, you may be working too hard for too little
return. Blow your own horn a little so the powers that be can see your
contributions. If you are feeling constricted by a lack of balance between pay
and responsibilities, do some research on similar positions elsewhere and
present it to your boss or, consider changing companies.

💙 In love, this card speaks to hurdles successfully
overcome. Have you and your partner solved a large problem or passed a
relationship milestone? Acknowledge it for what you learned and move forward.
Share your newfound wisdom where you can.

🧡 Whether a literal or metaphoric journey, today’s
path was carved by hard work and it’ll be a game changer. Know that the
Universe is giving you what you asked and worked for so, celebrate you and your

Peace out,

Good morning! Feeling Divinely Inspired to Create? Seeking Truth
and Justice? Sensing a need for Change?

of the Day: Ace of Swords

The Aces represent their
suit’s elements in their highest and purest form. For the Ace of Swords, some
of these are objectivity, achievement, reasoning, and creative thinking. It
represents a change or turning point that will reveal many truths. It cuts away
the artifice and the confusion to show you the ‘bottom line’ so you can take
the next steps.

With this type of clarity,
comes a need to apply the ‘blade’ responsibly. Don’t cut too deep or too
quickly, as that could damage aspects you wish to maintain – people’s feelings,
beneficial processes, etc. This Ace may show itself as a brilliant idea or, perhaps
some sort of divine inspiration toward creativity. Regardless of how/where it
appears for you today, bravery is what’s called for because, you already have a
sense of what you need to do next- trust yourself and take the next step.

At work, the Ace indicates the need to take a different tactic
or even, possibly, consider a different job. Be generous with your creativity
and ideas today; you may not appear to be getting the credit for the new
outlook but you will in the end – and to your benefit.

If love is on your mind, truth is key. If you are in a committed
relationship, the Ace speaks to ending a pattern that is not positive for you.
It’s time to speak up and speak truth to your partner. You are being guided to
the relationship that is better for you.

🧡 The
Universe rewards us for the risks we take on its behalf. Know that there is
good, beneficial energy that is getting you where you want to go. Take the leap
– the Universe will catch you.

Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Today is about Balance, Flexibility, Prudence
Tarot of the Day: Two of Pentacles/Discs

This is a card of
perception and balance; the right choice, the strongest approach, and the inner
and the outer views – balancing spirit with practical, life demands. It denotes
a need for wisdom, meditation, or consultation to see all sides and then

This Two often appears when
there is a need to keep two broad areas of your life in balance; money and
health, love and work, etc. Multi-tasking is not likely to work today so
take a step back from all the things you are ‘juggling’ and choose the two most
pressing things to prioritize; the rest will fall into place.

Pay particular attention to work and whatever endeavours you
have going that affect your finances; there may need to be a better balance
there to keep them growing. You may have to take a risk where your finances are
concerned but don’t worry overmuch as long as your foundation is solid.

💙 If
you are in a relationship, you and your partner may be finding it challenging
to get time and energy to focus on one another. Ensure that you keep your
relationship high on the priority list and that it isn’t getting lost in the
juggling – balance time and be flexible.

💙If you are looking for a relationship be sure that you are truly
ready. Finding a partner should not be your chief priority but neither, should
you be seeking a partner before you are willing to dedicate the time, space,
and energy to put romance in your life.

this card appears in your day, remember to stay in the moment, keep body, mind,
and spirit balanced and nourished, and all will turn out well.
Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is a day for Noble
Impulses, Reconciliation, and Childlike Joy

Tarot of the Day: Six of Cups

The Six of
Cups is about simplicity, history, and an open-hearted approach to life. Just
as the ways in which your deeply rooted past informs the present, what and how
you choose to remember, informs the future. You may be moved to revisit
childhood memories today; remembering simplicity and the ability to find the
joy in each moment.

The pull of
those warm nostalgic feelings may inspire you to reconcile an old rift, miss a
lost loved one, or even rekindle an old flame. Regardless of where in the past
you return, remember that the present is where you must live so release issues
and patterns that don’t serve your highest good

💚 This is an excellent time for creativity so, if
your job doesn’t call for it, find personal time to be creative and expressive.
If you don’t have a creative hobby right now, or don’t feel you have the time
then do something expressively child-like. When my clients draw this card in a
reading I suggest colouring with crayons or getting a bottle of bubble solution
– it’s difficult to be reserved & ‘adult’ whilst blowing bubbles.

💙 In love, this card can indicate a need to refocus
the path of your relationship. You may have been living on the romantic warm
feelings of the beginning of your relationship and not spending enough time
talking about the goals and future, or allowing your past to hinder your
relationship. Perhaps you simply abandoned the hobbies and pastimes you had as
an individual or are ‘dining out’ on past tales of glory and not living them.

🧡 Today, don’t let ‘adulting’ or looking to your
future prevent you from connecting with the important parts of your past.
Neither, let nostalgia or reward cloud your vision of the past nor entice you
into ‘living’ there. Reconcile the feelings for your higher good – then, blow

Peace out…

Good morning! Today’s message is about overcoming Fear, Frustration, and ConstraintTarot of the Day: Eight of Swords

This card appears when you are being held back either by events beyond your control or by your fear. Likely, it’s a combination of the two. When you find yourself blocked at every turn with no clear vision of how to proceed you are most susceptible to remembering failures and letting fear and negativity become the focus instead of opportunity and faith.

Fear of the future, failure, or the unknown can make the path seem impossible. Being open to failure, mistakes,or disappointment is the only way to achieve success. “You have to play to win” so now is the time to use your best judgement, focus on the positive – no matter how ‘small’ you think it is – and forge ahead. Do not fear the unknown; there are endless joys there. 

💚 At work, you may be right that you cannot change your workplace but you can change your attitude to it or look for another job. The situation calls for an either/or choice, though so, either focus on the positive and accept it or begin to look elsewhere.

💙 If you are staying in a relationship with someone because you feel it’s ‘better than nothing’, rethink. The wrong person can be bad for you; increasing negativity, and damaging self-talk, and supporting negative behaviour patterns – all building daily without being noticed. Everyone deserves a person who is ‘right’ for them. Be brave enough to move forward.

🧡 The key message from this Eight is, know and trust yourself. Don’t be afraid to be wrong or of what people will say about your decision. Focus on what you want, not what you fear. Look at all angles of your situation again, “cut through” the distractions, and make your choice. You’ve got this. Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Honesty, Mental Discipline, & an Open MindTarot of the Day: Page of Swords

♟This page brings news of change; and a possibility you won’t love the news. Even where the change may feel challenging, this card speaks to issues being settled and confusion or misconceptions being resolved so, take heart that any bumps or issues today will serve a higher purpose in the end.

🔍You may be trying too hard or pushing for something to move forward before its time, or just find yourself stepping on people’s toes in general. Consider brainstorming a new solution – don’t get bogged down in established methods or your “own way” of doing things. The day calls for strong analytical skills, an energetic nature, and fearless honesty – but be sure to include diplomacy.

💚 At work, this may indicate some conflict. Be humble. You may be approaching a situation with the assumption that you know all there is to know. Remember that although you may know all the facts you may not know the mitigating details; ask if there is more to know and the others involved will appreciate your open approach.

💙 If you are in a relationship, reassess whether you actually know when to push and when to back off. You may have the timing wrong and be causing yourself unnecessary tension and irritation. It’s OK to need your partner to explain their feelings and gives them an opportunity to share with you. Allowing your partner the time and space they need is essential.

🧡 Today is a day for flexibility. Harness all that mental and physical energy you’re feeling and direct it wisely. Open your mind – even if you think it already is, “read the room”, “sense the tone”, and in general, pay more attention than usual to the responses of others.Trust that instinct, and you’ll successfully navigate any situation today 

Peace out…

Good morning!
Today is about Partnership, Joy, and
Tarot of the Day: Two of Cups

🧜🏽‍♀️This card
represents a meaningful and symbiotic relationship. One of balance, joy,
sharing, and friendship. It often speaks to a romantic relationship but is just
as likely to represent any partnership/friendship founded on equal respect,
trust, and affection.

🧜🏿Two of Cups
shouts of love, respect, and positive relationships; a connection that brings
you great rewards and happiness for years to come. This is a time of feeling at
one with Universal energies and with yourself. Harmonise your energies, open
your heart chakra, and share your loving vibes with the world.

💚 At work, the Two speaks to balance and fairness.
You are likely very comfortable in your workplace, even if you are not in love
with your job. Ensure you are giving all your company deserves. If you are
looking for employment, this is likely to happen very soon; stay open to
surprising options.

💙 If love is your focus today, Two of Cups speaks of
‘true love’, equality, respect, commitment, and all things most people hope for
in a healthy love relationship. If you have not already found this person, they
will likely soon arrive in your life.

🧡 Whatever aspect of your life the Two speaks to
today, it heralds a day full of warmth, joy, and loving energy. Share those
feelings with others and spread the love. 
Peace out, Lovelies…

morning, Lovelies! Today is a card about Fulfilment, Abundance, Sensuality
Tarot of the Day: The Empress

Ruled by Venus, the Empress is an archetype of feminine power. She is intuitive,
sensual and sexual. She is a creator of opportunity, art, life, and abundance.
The ultimate nurturer, she is patient, loving, and devoted.
She speaks to a need to be in touch with your feminine side, listen to your
intuition, and give priority to your emotions and passions. She can signify
coming abundance or fertility.

She is a gifted and creative problem solver, and indicates a similar energy in
you, so don’t be surprised if people are more attracted to you – in every
sense. Attracted by your creativity, your wisdom, your humour, or your sex
appeal, you will find them literally at your doorstep seeking your advice or

💚 At
work – and everywhere, really – people will be inspired by your ideas and
passions so let your inner voice guide you on how to proceed. Be open and
generous with your ideas and let the chips fall where they may.

💙 Both
men and women will be very attracted to you today – not just romantically but
for friendship, as well. Whether single or not, be honest and responsible as
you share the powerful force you wield today.

🧡 The
Empress is all about rejoicing in the senses and embracing the primal and
Accept and share the energy she brings today as this is a perfect day to simply
enjoy being you.
Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today we consider the messages of Arrival, Creativity, New Opportunities
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Cups

Cards of Cups usually
denote the ‘higher graces’ (philosophy, love, romance…) and this knight’s
graces are creativity, and intuition. He brings you good news regarding your
path, and guidance to the successful completion of your task; likely regarding
a creative project or love.

This Knight reminds us that
victory is not always an exercise in strength but also in creativity and savvy.
Seek novel paths to accomplish your goals. Pay attention to signs from the
Universe and unexpected offers that make you see things differently; these are
serendipitous messages from the Universe. This may also be an ideal time to
explore new realms of spiritual growth.

Work projects are likely to move ahead positively and quickly
today. Be proud of your contributions and accomplishments but gracious when
accepting accolades for them.

Be open to exploring your feelings today for this card indicates
positive messages, being swept off your feet, and for some, commitment/marriage.

Wherever you feel the Knight’s presence today, remain honest and
faithful to your cause and you will soon achieve your desired and deserved end
Peace out…

Good morning! Today’s card is
about Energy, Courage, and Conviction
Tarot of the Day: Strength

This card is about an inner
balance of strength. It suggests not just power but the capacity to exercise
great self-control in all matters. It speaks to an ability to manage your
impulses instead of be controlled by them, and an unshakeable resolve to see
things through to the desired end. Direct the energy to the greatest good of

Strength appears when you
need to be reminded that you are mind, body, and spirit and you may have been
so busy being strong on one or two of these aspects that you have forgotten the
other(s). With focus and willpower, you will balance all aspects for your
highest good.

Whether you are looking for a job or hoping for a promotion,
things are aligned for your success right now. Be strong and genuine in your
presentation. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. If your workplace
doesn’t/can’t offer growth, now is the time to seize your confidence and start
looking elsewhere for what you deserve.

If you are in a relationship, Strength indicates a deep bond and
strong foundation. 
If you are looking for a relationship, this is a good time to get out and meet
people. Let your self-confidence show.

Strength is a card that indicates an opportunity to change your
life. Today is a day to grab a hold of your convictions, quiet your inner
fearful voice, and forge ahead.  Whether
that means tell truth to power, face down your inner demons, or just speak up
about something  You have what you need
to succeed so, go you!
Peace out, Lovelies…