Good morning!
Today is about Partnership, Joy, and
Tarot of the Day: Two of Cups

🧜🏽‍♀️This card
represents a meaningful and symbiotic relationship. One of balance, joy,
sharing, and friendship. It often speaks to a romantic relationship but is just
as likely to represent any partnership/friendship founded on equal respect,
trust, and affection.

🧜🏿Two of Cups
shouts of love, respect, and positive relationships; a connection that brings
you great rewards and happiness for years to come. This is a time of feeling at
one with Universal energies and with yourself. Harmonise your energies, open
your heart chakra, and share your loving vibes with the world.

💚 At work, the Two speaks to balance and fairness.
You are likely very comfortable in your workplace, even if you are not in love
with your job. Ensure you are giving all your company deserves. If you are
looking for employment, this is likely to happen very soon; stay open to
surprising options.

💙 If love is your focus today, Two of Cups speaks of
‘true love’, equality, respect, commitment, and all things most people hope for
in a healthy love relationship. If you have not already found this person, they
will likely soon arrive in your life.

🧡 Whatever aspect of your life the Two speaks to
today, it heralds a day full of warmth, joy, and loving energy. Share those
feelings with others and spread the love. 
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies. Today is a
day for shaking off Boredom or Apathy, and Focussing on Potential

Tarot of the Day: Four of Cups

This is a card about ruts,
detachment, and re-evaluation. It points to a need to remove the blinders of
apathy, boredom, or dissatisfaction in order to see the possibilities before

Life is like a conversation. When
it’s your turn to contribute, it’s easy to be involved and present but when you
have nothing to add yet, it’s natural to gradually disengage. Sometimes, you
just step back because you’re too tired, or it’s not your topic. Either way, this
card speaks to a need find a topic and return to the conversation; your voice
has been missed.

💚 In
work, focus on the positive aspects of your situation and the gratitude for
what you have. Few people are happy with every aspect of their job – you’ll
feel less apathetic if you remind yourself of the aspects you truly appreciate.

If you want to change your job, be
sure your desire comes from it being the right time to do so.

💙 In
love, be honest with yourself about what you truly want. Are you filling a void
by being with someone who is not ‘the one’? Are you staying in a relationship
because of a rut? Is what you are expecting or seeking, realistic? Re-evaluate
to ensure you aren’t making decisions or concessions that are not for your
highest good.

 🧡 Whether
you made a conscious decision to withdraw or it “just happened”, today is a
good day to return; to take a new approach in order to transform your
circumstances. Celebrate your return; buy yourself a bunch of flowers, listen
to your favourite song and SING ALONG…be present in the moment and enjoy.  

Peace out…

Good Morning! Today’s card
is about Determination, Recklessness, and Passion
Tarot of the Day: Knight of Wands

Knights often herald a
change of direction or an infusion of transformative energy. With this Knight
that means a boost in your confidence, in your need to conquer or achieve, and
a desire for change. He is a maverick. Audacious, energetic, and a determined
leader, he is an individual of spontaneity, daring, and passion. He often
appears when you have been asking the Universe for change. You wished to
be out of your ‘rut’ and now your desire will be achieved in an unexpected way.

An opportunity for a
spontaneous decision may lead you to make a long journey or a permanent
relocation. They will both have their challenges but so does staying put. The
Knight tells you it’s a good time to go with your intuition so make the
decision your instincts tell you is right.

This is a good time for work issues. You may even get unexpected
positive feedback from management today – you are right to feel proud of your
If you are waiting for results from an interview or job prospect you are likely
to find the position is better than you hoped and is yours.

If you are in a relationship, today is a good day for listening
to your partner. Be spontaneous with your time and passionate in your
expression; make time to just ‘Be’ together. 
If you are looking for love, a possible connection through work may be the key;
likely someone with light hair.

Whether your change today is travel, moving, changing your
outlook, or simply relocating your desk, remember that today the Universe has
chosen to throw you a little surprise party and is giving you what you asked
for. “Hang onto your hat”, embrace it, and enjoy!
Peace out, Lovelies…

Good morning, Lovelies.
Today is about Balance, Flexibility, Prudence
Tarot of the Day: Two of Discs/ 


This is a card of
perception and balance; the right choice, the strongest approach, and the inner
and the outer views – balancing spirit with practical life demands. It denotes
a need for wisdom, meditation, or consultation to see all sides and then

This Two often appears when
there is a need to keep two broad areas of your life in balance; money and
health, love and work, etc. Multi-tasking is not likely to work today so
take a step back from all the things you are ‘juggling’ and choose the two most
pressing things to prioritize; the rest will fall into place.

Pay particular attention to work and whatever endeavours you
have going that affect your finances; there may need to be a better balance
there to keep them growing. You may have to take a risk where your finances are
concerned but don’t worry overmuch as long as your foundation is solid.

💙 If
you are in a relationship, you and your partner may be finding it challenging
to get time and energy to focus on one another. Ensure that you keep your
relationship high on the priority list and that it isn’t getting lost in the
juggling – balance time and be flexible.


you are looking for a relationship be sure that you are truly ready. Finding a
partner should not be your chief priority but neither, should you be seeking a
partner before you are willing to dedicate the time, space, and energy to put
romance in your life.

this card appears in your day, remember to stay in the moment, keep body, mind,
and spirit balanced and nourished, and all will turn out well.
Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies!
Today is about Personal Power, Managed Anxiety, and Inventiveness
Tarot of the Day: Two of Wands

Twos of any suit indicate
an element of balance and choice. Today, that balance will be required in all
aspects – even to things as mundane as rest and eating right. The time is
approaching for you to release a project or partnership in which you had great
control, and this balance will be beneficial to you in knowing how and when to
successfully let go.

This two can also indicate
a partnership which is business, personal, or both. Remain mindful, today of
the balance required in all relationships. Trust your instincts but be open to
suggestions that give you pause to reflect and inspire your creativity. Be
aware that a generous offer of help that will further your success may be

Your inventiveness will get you far at work, today. Put things
together in new or unusual ways. You are more together than you might realize
so be inventive – you can pull it off.

If you are in a relationship, today is a good day to be open
with your partner about your views of equality and balance. You may be
surprised by the response. 
If you are looking for a relationship, consider the person you wouldn’t
normally. Seek a person who balances you.

🧡 Today, your success relies upon your inventiveness and balancing what
you would normally do with your new and creative vision. Don’t second guess
yourself, your ability, or the choices you make when you “think outside
the box”; create, commit, and release them for your highest good.

Peace out…

Good morning! Today we consider Certainty,
Structure, Resisting Change

Tarot of the Day: Four of Pentacles

This Four
basically represents holding onto what you have earned/ worked for. In many
cases this can be a positive thing; holding safe and close, the money, relationships,
position, respect, etc. that you have worked to maintain. However, it also
indicates a need to review whether it’s in an appropriate and healthy way.  Are you creating boundaries or limitations? Do
you ‘own’ your space or just feel the need to be in control?

As with most of the
Pentacle cards, the Four tends to be involved with tangible possessions. If you
are in a relationship, house, job, etc. because of money or possessions, then
the Four is telling you that the time has come to review what you are holding onto
and why. Sometimes, we outgrow the thing that makes us feel secure and it
becomes the thing that is trapping us.

At work, you are likely doing something you don’t like or is
even having a negative impact on your life, simply to put food on the table. You
will soon be able to change your situation. Believe it can be better. Be brave
and informed to make a decision for your higher good.

If your relationship is your focus today, then the Four
signifies that one or both of you are fearful and hanging on too tightly. Relax
your grip and allow things to flow naturally. Love will not grow or even
survive in a stranglehold. Talk to each other; allow each other the space to be
yourselves and things will feel more secure.

Holding tightly to what you have, can be practical and ethical
or it can blind you to not just the need for change but, to opportunities, as
well. Whatever you are holding on to, the Four says it’s time to relax your grip,
trust the Universe and yourself.  Your
roots are strong, now see where they need to be flexible .

Peace out,

Good  morning! Today is about Energy, Confidence,
Controlling your Destiny
Tarot of the Day: Mother of Flames /Queen of Wands

This Queen
embodies honesty, confidence, and fertility (both metaphorically and
literally). She is a lively, passionate, and independent person who brings out
the best in people. She is engaging and thoughtful. Like all of her suit, she
tends to focus on career, beginnings, and fiery energy, but she does it with
intuition and perspective. She is the muse of success, the mother of
inspiration, a seat of ethics, and the source of the will to seek
self-development. If you are trying to conceive, she’s a good omen.

Like all the
court cards, she is either asking you to connect with these qualities in
yourself or, she represents a specific person in your life. If she signifies a
literal person, you should reach out to the feminine energy in your life with
medium to light hair and with whom you associate steadfast ethics, uplifting
support, and great advice. 

💚 At work, you are likely getting a lot accomplished
in little time which is a great groundwork for positive things in the future.
She asks you to be creative in your solutions today; think twice before you
spend – see if you can be creative and re-purpose instead of just buying new.

💙 If you are looking for love, trust yourself and
your growth enough to know that the ‘right person’ is out there and you will
soon be ready. You might meet the person through a friend who emulates this Queen.
💙If you are in a relationship, do not be surprised if you find yourself enjoying
a surge of admiration and/or pride for your partner; likely due to how they
handle a social situation.

🧡 However she appears to you today, Queen of Wands
brings positive energy, so remember that life is meant to be lived; embrace,
enjoy, and share.
Peace out, Lovelies…

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Good morning, Lovelies! Today
is about Untamed Energy, Creativity, and New Beginnings
Tarot of the Day: Ace of Wands

There is a new
beginning at hand. It may take the form of a new phase of life, a new
enterprise, a new project, or a new source of inspiration. This is the time to
be courageous and “go for it”; whatever “it” means to you.

The Ace of Wands is
an inventive, creative card suggesting some sort of passionate union, good news,
or the birth of something powerful and inspiring yet to come in your life. It
could be a new project or something creative that you will be taking on either
at work or, as a hobby. Today is a good day to start a new health regime. Even
if that means add vegetables to one meal a week and exercise for 5 minutes a
day, go for it. The benefits will surprise you.

💚 If work is your focus today, be bold and ask for what you want.
You will likely be more successful than you imagined.

💙 If love is your focus, your relationship is about to undergo a
new beginning – this could mean a new depth or a fresh start. Express yourself
openly and honestly to achieve the best outcome.

🧡 Ace of Wands heralds a time of innovation, enthusiasm, and
hopefulness. Anything you start with this energy, will succeed beyond your
hopes and expectations. With all that possibility, what will you begin?

Peace out…

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is a day for Noble
Impulses, Reconciliation, and Childlike Joy

Tarot of the Day: Six of Cups

The Six of
Cups is about simplicity, history, and an open-hearted approach to life. Just
as the ways in which your deeply rooted past informs the present, what and how
you choose to remember, informs the future. You may be moved to revisit
childhood memories today; remembering simplicity and the ability to find the
joy in each moment.

The pull of
those warm nostalgic feelings may inspire you to reconcile an old rift, miss a
lost loved one, or even rekindle an old flame. Regardless of where in the past
you return, remember that the present is where you must live so release issues
and patterns that don’t serve your highest good

💚 This is an excellent time for creativity so, if
your job doesn’t call for it, find personal time to be creative and expressive.
If you don’t have a creative hobby right now, or don’t feel you have the time
then do something expressively child-like. When my clients draw this card in a
reading I suggest colouring with crayons or getting a bottle of bubble solution
– it’s difficult to be reserved & ‘adult’ whilst blowing bubbles.

💙 In love, this card can indicate a need to refocus
the path of your relationship. You may have been living on the romantic warm
feelings of the beginning of your relationship and not spending enough time
talking about the goals and future, or allowing your past to hinder your
relationship. Perhaps you simply abandoned the hobbies and pastimes you had as
an individual or are ‘dining out’ on past tales of glory and not living them.

🧡 Today, don’t let ‘adulting’ or looking to your
future prevent you from connecting with the important parts of your past.
Neither, let nostalgia or reward cloud your vision of the past nor entice you
into ‘living’ there. Reconcile the feelings for your higher good – then, blow

Peace out…